27 May 2016

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Blah. It's no secret that I don't find rp on Twitter fun anymore. It's either boredom because no one is around, or the negativity caused by others just won't go away. So, I look for another platform. All I want to find is a nice, social network kind of site which is usable, somewhere where I can get away from people who keep bothering me and that's flexible in its rules, but nope. I can't find one any where. The one I found tonight had everything I wanted, (accept a decent Tolkien community on there) but you can't have a multi-character account. I'm fed up of having to maintain several accounts and nearly all the features are there to make a multi-character account work, so what's the deal? I guess, in the end, the only reason why they won't allow that is because they want the site to appear like it has more members than it does. So that was a waste of an evening. Thank you...
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Things that will make twitter better -
  • Bring back backgrounds
  • Ditch the moments and advertising
  • Allow people to block ip addresses and phone numbers, not just accounts. (I'm sure they can do it where the ip address is kept anonymous, but something needs to be done so that people can't keep making new accounts to stalk people.)
  • Bring back stars
  • Increase the character count.
  • Bring back proper pages to view conversations.
  • Tweets, retweets, quote tweets from people you've blocked or who've blocked you shouldn't appear anywhere on the site if you're logged in.
  • Restore the old method of replying to tweets and notifications. The new 'false' window thing is annoying.
  • If tweets go over the character account limit, automatically put the over-lap text into a new tweet so it works like twittrp.

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