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In the 1960's you had the Civil Rights Movement in the US, something which protested against real oppression of a 'minority' which resulted in the leaders and most vocal people of the movement getting murdered and assassinated, two people I greatly admire. Fast forward to 2016 and people aren't protesting against real oppression and real violations of fundamental human rights. Instead, you get a bunch of SJW whinging and mewing over some fictional 'minority' character in a TV show getting killed and moaning that 'minorities' aren't featured in films and TV series. I find it astonishing that they ignore real problems that people face and complain about this. Grow up! If you want stories with people like you in them, then make them! Don't turn it into a faux movement against perceived oppression which really doesn't exist that makes a mockery out of the real dangers that people face in countries where being a 'minority' not only puts individuals in danger of being assaulted, but where it is illegal to be a 'minority.' Or become a real voice for 'minorities' and do what people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X did.
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I don't think you can win when it comes to SWJs and 'diversity' in films, books, franchises, etc. On one hand, they complain when cultures, races, LGBTQ and disabilities aren't included or featured, because they don't reflect 'diversity' but when they do, writers and directors are criticised for cultural appropriation, etc.

I can understand complaints when it's done in a way that is disrespectful or harmful, but how do you really define that, since people have different perspectives on it.

So basically in the end, writers and directors can only rehash the same old 'white male /possibly/ Christian' stereotypes in their work if they want to avoid criticism.

In the end, I'm more bothered about how much I enjoy something and how well something is made/written than all the political correctness rubbish. In the end, I think that's the only thing that really matters - that, and writers doing work that they love.
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I've come to the conclusion that the majority of the misogynistic bullying to be found on the internet comes from feminists themselves. Like they now complain that women shouldn't wear trousers 'cos it's masculine, shouldn't not wear make-up 'cos it's masculine, etc. A load of bullshit, if you ask me.

Most women wear trousers because it's practical, or they're more comfortable wearing them than skirts and dresses, and telling women that they should wear make-up because they're women is just marketing bull-crap that has been spoon fed to them from when they were children.

Always wear a certain type of clothing because you choose to, not to please someone else. Using make-up or not using make-up is your own choice.
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Once again she follows, once again she's blocked. I can always tell it's her, because she follows all her other accounts and promotes herself. WHY? By now you'd have thought she would have got the message, but NOPE. STOP. CREATING. ACCOUNTS. AND. ATTEMPTING. TO. FOLLOW!
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Do you know what I find offensive about things like International Women's Day and anything similar? It's the fact that people use the old 'I'm a woman, but no one listens to my music because I am a woman' blah blah blah and the fact that broadcasters have to wait for a day like this before they bother to play their music.

Until it's played everyday just like music composed by men, and their gender not specially high-lighed like it's some kind of abnormality/disability/disease this persecution mentality is going to persist. Do all women a favour (and this goes to women in all professions, arts, etc) and not bring special attention to their gender and treat them like they are people.
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I shall never understand why this one person keeps on trying to follow me on twitter, even after I've blocked about 40+ of their accounts. Why? We're not friends. And why is that? Because you're petty and break friendships over small things. I'm done with your shit. And to think, I was having such a lovely, productive week too. I've not rped this week properly, and I was going to do so at the weekend. Now, of course, because of you, I really don't want to be on twitter.
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Sometimes, I don't join fanlistings if I think the layout does not reflect the subject well.
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I have noticed how, since I cut out certain people, I never GET any OOC drama on my tl. It may be because it's not as active now - the more active the tl is, the more likely OOC drama is likely to occur. But when I look on their writer accounts, the people I've cut out are always, always complaining on them about stuff which happens in rp, are always making disparaging remarks about rp groups, original characters etc, alluding to drama which, as far as I can see, never happened. Certain people are always doing that on their rp accounts, too. So... they must have been the source of the drama all along, but had a good way of projecting it on to others so that they would get the blame for what they create and look innocent while doing it. I'm glad that they aren't a part of my rp anymore. But I don't think they'll ever grow up, though - because in their minds, when something bad happens, it's /ALWAYS/ the fault of those they bully.
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I'm quite impressed with the customization of the new forum. I'm still working my way around it, though. It's one of the best software I've found to create a forum out of.
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Erm.... So nice of twitter to finally provide an hash tag which I can use to block a bunch of SWJs.
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I don't like purple prose. I don't like it because it seems like the writer's try too hard and a bit arrogant, plus depending on what words people use it makes the passage make no sense.
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I find it really sad that you join a site, do nothing but post your content for it, and within 48 hours you get abuse from the admins that run it, and all over a few stupid links. I ain't going back there again. It is a shame, since I loved the software that the site was made on, but I've found out that I can use the software on my own site once I get the domain name sorted, so said site has just unknowingly created a rival. It will be for the users. They'll be no stupid stuff with it. And links? People can post whatever links they want, as long as it's rp/fandom/etc related, and not causing harm. People are dicks  sometimes.

And I really, really do not appreciate gaslighters, or rather, g-ASS-lighters.

G-ASS-lighters is a play on the word, gaslighter, which in turn is related to gaslighting. Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.

A g-ASS-ligther is therefore, a person on the internet who has somehow managed to get into a formal or informal position of authority on the internet, either has an admin for a forum, or someone who is influential with in a clique or group. They typically pick on someone who is quite isolated or new to a community, mess around with them and then once caught out, proceed to spread rumours about their victim, further isolating them. Cat-fishing may be one of their tactics.
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Lynd's tumblr:
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Need to add twitter profile.

Lofnheid's tumblr:

Cross posting of NPCs and other playable characters page. Remove twitter links.

Huldrika's tumblr

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Ori's tumblr

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Sometimes I do wonder if people 'get' rp on twitter. Anyways, I need to mess around with the images on the new layout on here, but I can't really do so until I get my domain back, so it'll have to wait. I don't like the banner and I'm not fussed on the colour scheme, but I like the css coding.
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One of the things which ruin fandoms today is the constant whining from kids and teenagers about the 'lack of representation' in films and TV shows, among other things. A woman not being the main character for instance, does not stop me from enjoying a film or show. If the film or TV show is good, it doesn't need fake representation to make it a success. What I do not like is when a writer feels that they must include a 'token' insert whatever minority here and end up writing a flat stereotype for the sake of inclusion in a story which in the end, is far more insulting to 'minorities' than not having them there at all. If you're going to write a 'minority' character, either for books, or film, then you've got to make the character the main one. Sidelining them reinforces the stereotypes as well. Stop complaining. Let people enjoy their fandom.
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I'm not being funny, but since when has a reference to 'specy four eyes' been a nice description of someone who wears glasses? I wouldn't use that to describe me, and I would slap anyone who did.
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This idea that women/girls should wear skirts and men/boys should wear trousers is outdated by about 100 years. And what bothers me is that a girl wanting to wear trousers will now get bullied for being 'transgender' when she might just be a normal girl not wanting to wear skirts. Ridiculous. Go back to your cave, Brighton College and any other schools in the UK which have this silly notion.

When I was a girl, I was able to wear trousers, as did many other girls in my school, as long as they were black or grey. It's pathetic these days that everything people do is now judged on the basis of 'gender' or lack of it, something which I thought went out years and years ago and is just misogynist bull crap rearing it's ugly head again.

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Right, folks. If you ever decide to do rp online, don't. There are way too many people who spoil it and once you get rid of one lot of trouble makers, another always seem to pop up in its place. It's disheartening. If you like writing, write fan fic instead.
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If you're a regular twitter user, have experienced this problem personally, or seen it happen to someone you know, then I would be grateful if you would sign the petition. The security on twitter is awful when it comes to stopping determined bullies and why should victims of bullying have to wait for twitter to take action, especially when the bullying does not break the rules or boundaries that twitter have set? People should be in control of their own safety on the site.

Thank you.
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If there's one thing which annoys me regarding LGBTQ community, is it how they use hyper-sexualised women's clothing to portray what a woman should wear, if a person in that community wants to ID as a woman, which I think is hypercritical since for many women wearing that sort of shit is something they want to avoid because they are uncomfortable wearing it. It's like they must caricature/exaggerate what a woman is, which to me, is only a symptom of the sexist culture they are supposed to be protesting against. I also find it appalling when they try to say fandoms like Star Trek, Star Wars, etc, are masculine interests, when I came to view them a long time ago as being neutral. You don't have to be a male, or think that you should be a male, to enjoy those things.

Also, a woman being interested in science and engineering doesn't automatically make her a lesbian, or a trans, just as a male being interested in art or the entertainment industry automatically mean he is gay or a trans.

I sometimes wonder if all this stuff is the result of twisted marketing manipulation in conjunction with misogyny and gender stereotyping to make people think that way.

I remember as a teenager, having pressure put upon me to wear slutty clothing by my peers and being bullied for rejecting it, so please, don't assume that slutty/hyper-sexualised clothing for women is a sign of liberation. It's not always the case.

While we are on this subject, I also don't think that the porn/sex industry should be held up as a bastion for women's lib, either. I find it sickening that a woman must use her body in such a manner to have a living when there are so many other things that she could do instead. The kind of men who enjoy such things are predatory and exploitative and care little for the welfare of women. It is a symptom of a world where women are viewed as being lesser than men, a thing to be used and tossed aside at will, and supporting it shows that you are part of the problem in society that devalues women.

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