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Cross stitch is a hobby of mine and one of the things I've always wanted to cross stitch are Science Fiction/Fantasy based stuff. This means two things though...

1. There aren't any "official" patterns out there for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. By that, I mean patterns which are created by the copyright owners and so you have to create your own.

2. Even if you made the pattern yourself, unless it has been officially licesned by the company which owns the copyright, you can't sell them. EVER! Even selling finished pieces based on the pattern would probably be illegal.

So what makes me angry is that there are people out there who steal patterns and sell them on sites like etsy and claim them as their own, when the people who created them originally only did so for their own use and of course, shared them with friends. I don't mind people making patterns and uploading them to their website or sharing them on forums, etc. It is what makes a community and is something I love about the internet. You can connect with people with similar interests and share your creative talents with other people. But parasites like those who steal people's patterns just make me angry. (I wouldn't mind so much if people collected patterns for their site and gave credit to the original creator - it's the selling and claiming as their own work which pisses me off.) People make these patterns don't intend to harm anyone and if the companies that owned the copyright to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc, made officially licensed products then fans wouldn't have to make their own patterns. But unscrupulous sellers, either selling patterns they didn't create, or selling patterns which they did (and not doing it for charity, etc.) spoil things for fans who just create as a hobby. They even make a case for legislation like SOPA to be introduced which wrecks the internet for everyone else....

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