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Okay, it's been ages since I last posted a chapter for this story. Applogies and thanks to those readers who have been following this.
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This story's coming to a close now. (Just three more chapters after this one, at least that's the estimate, anyway...)  Which brings up the question of what to start posting after it's finished, but that'll come later, I think.

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Here's Chapter 6 of The Bounty Hunter...I must warn you readers ( lurkers), that it's long. Chapter 7 should be coming soon, hopefully...

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I'm in the middle of writing chapter 6 at the moment, but as this week has turned out not to be as productive as I'd like, it may take me longer to finish it than I'd anticipated...Ah well, here's Chapter 5 for you all anyway. I assume someone's reading this...

That's a hint for someone to actually make a comment, lurkers!
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Whoa, five posts in one week? Am I feeling ok? Probably not... 

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I thought it was about time to have an update, so here it is, Chapter 3 of The Bounty Hunter. For those of you who know me from the, I've not forgotten about you, I've just been rather busy at the moment, updating my sites and other stuff. I will be back when I get the chance (and have a completed story to start posting :) )...Plus on Monday, I visited an animal sanctuary that was closing to see if I could help any of the animals. Unfortunately most of them were dogs and cats, none of which I can take on at the moment (hey, if I could have a dog, my old Border Collie X Laddie who'll be turning 16 this Decemeber would be living with me instead of living with my brother (stupid facist council...) It's probably just as well, really, since a number of them appeared to be aggressive, or had some other behavourial problem. I hate to think what people do to these poor animals to get them like that in the first place and it pisses me off even more because of the fact I can't even give one of them a home even if it was a "normal" dog...

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There's really no excuse for me not to have posted this earlier (I've had this chapter completed ages ago). The thing is, I just don't post in my journal often, and when I do, it's usually something about my Star Wars fan fics, or something...I've never really seen the point in posting stuff about my personal life, as people only seem to post stuff like that when it's something bad...(not that there's anything wrong with it, but I'd rather not depress people by whining on about how crap the Jobcentre is...I come here to escape from that nonsense!) Anyways, here's Chapter 2 - the disclaimer for this was posted with Chapter 1.

Oh, and the other reason why I don't post in this thing often is because the cut thing is so damn awkward! Bloody thing...
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Title: The Bounty Hunter
Author: Space Wolf (aka Emimar)
Characters: OCs,
Era: 6 Months after A New Hope
Category: Action, Romance, Humour
Summary: Following the desturction of her homeworld, Shiba Black tries to rebuild her life. She meets the mysterious Shistavanen bounty hunter, Flik Sivrak, who is much more than he seems!
Disclaimers: I do not own anything of Star Wars, all canon characters, locations aliens etc belong to George Lucas and connected companies and authors. I do not make any money from this story. All original characters belong to me and if you wish to use them in your fan fic, they must only play a minor part and please don't kill them off or do anything else drastic with them e.g. give them a love child or something.

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