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I go back to a hobby I've spent a long time from because of problems on a particular forum. It was exciting. I felt really positive because it's something I've been wanting to get back into for ages. I decide that the old forum is not a place I want to go to post, so I look for others. I like seeing people's projects and I like sharing my ideas so I join it. Yep, I know it's run by someone from that forum but I want an active place to go. I want to see what people are doing now. Made a couple of posts of what I like to do and one regarding my current project. Nothing horrible or harassing in there. Three hours after I join, I find I can't log in and get a message from the admin. I have done nothing to this person - I kept out of most of the crap surrounding her on the original forum. So I don't know what her problem is.

Lately, I feel like I can't go anywhere online to share my interests anymore and pursue my hobbies because all I find are bullies. To be kicked out of a community for doing nothing is horrible. A great way of ruining my birthday. I've since deleted the links to her blog from mine. I'm going to cut ties with the original forum.
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