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[Error: unknown template qotd]If folks were really bothered about Woolworths, they would have shopped there! In Chesterfield, the shop went down hill after the original one was closed down for the building to be demolished and then it reopened when the new shopping centre was built (8 years ago now, maybe slightly more) The last time I went into a Woolworths was on the Moor in Sheffield and it just looked like one of those scruffy everything for a pound shop, which makes folks think they're getting a bargin, but most of the time they're selling crap. If other Woolworths had been like it, I'm not surprised that the chain flopped. The one shop which I do really miss and which was a travisty that it ever closed, was an independant bookshop in Chesterefield called Peak Book Shop - one of the best bookshops I've ever been in and I watched it grow from being a small shop (about 10 years ago now) to being expanding into one which would have rivaled Waterstones! And they also had a great selection of books, too and even sold Gamesworkshop minatures and had its own closed off section for Sci-Fi and Fantasy and a kids section (the kids section was where it origianlly started out) It was a shame to see such a good business die and whose owners worked hard to get it to that standard. Even better was their ordering time when you needed to order a book - less than a week in most cases, whereas high street brands have been known to take up to a month or more. I really miss that shop. But I should have seen it coming with the credit crunch when they closed - the last time I went to Chesterfield, it was a shadow of what it used to be, as vertually all the independants which lived in the indoor markethall had closed down and most of it, aside from stores sell meat and fish, were empty. That was this summer. I hate to see what it's like now, as I've not been to Chesterfield since last September with me being at uni. The credit crunch had Chesterfield in its grip long before it offically started. I could go on forever about it, but I think I've said enough now (and all this coming from an environmentalist! - No, independant businesses are great - when they are thriving, they are a kin to the diversity found in nature and this diversity should be encouraged. You know something's wrong when they start to disappear and a town centre is less than it was - this impacts negatively on the people who live there as it creates a nono-culture and causes unemployment...) 

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