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To keep an account or close it, that's the question. Now, I normally feel that I can hang on to an account, even if things haven't been going well for it but in this case, I'm not sure if I want to keep it. It's not the character - I love the character, but I don't really like rping with the person I made it for.

They were very impatient with me the day I made the account, practically accusing me of messing them around when I was answering over due stuff on another account. Heck, I don't ignore people purposefully. If I was on the account and not talking to them but to others, then yeah, they would have a case, but I wasn't! Plus, I'd also had a bad headache that day and wanted to make the starter good.

Every time they DM me, they always give the impression that they think I'm going to bail on them. I hate that. It makes me not want to reply to the SL. In addition to that, they are never on the account and when they are, THEY don't reply. So, should I keep it? I could turn it to no ship and have it like my others. I don't know.

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